Give from the heart

How to build your wall

I created The Giving Wall because I am a passionate fundraiser and I know how difficult it can be to raise a significant amount of money for a great cause – You can raise up to £20,100 without having to bake a thousand cupcakes or run a marathon (you can read my story here).

Over the years I found that donors don’t always have the time to attend events or are watching their waistline and don’t want to buy or eat the cupcakes, but they would still like to help you. The Giving Wall is an easy way for your donors to support you and even an easier way for your charity or association to fundraise with minimal effort.

You’re welcome to use The Giving Wall to fundraise for your special cause – I promise this will be the easiest fundraiser you will ever organise.

Here’s how it works:
You sell 200 tickets – each ticket is numbered from 1 through to 200.
The amount you pay for your ticket is the number shown on your ticket – so if you choose to buy number 5 you pay £5 for your ticket, if you choose number 49 then you pay £49 for your ticket and choose number 108 and you pay £108.
Once all 200 tickets are sold, you have made £20,100 for your chosen charity/club/cause.

Step 1. Complete the form below with all the information we need to build your Giving Wall.
Including your logo, a brief introduction to your organisation for the home page and a more detailed explanation of your cause and the reason for the fundraiser for the About Us page.

Step 2. Specify your fundraising target;
– Giving Wall 200 – Raise up to £20,100 by selling 200 tickets
– Giving Wall 100 – Raise up to £5,050 by selling 100 tickets
– Giving Wall 50 – Raise up to £1275 by selling 50 tickets

Step 3. Submit the form and we’ll get started building your page.
We will send you a separate email for any banking/PayPal details to attach to your Giving Wall. Please bear in mind that by using PayPal you will be incurring in merchant fees. Please see the PayPal fees 

Step 4. Lastly, decide who you are going to market your Giving Wall fundraiser to.
To have the best chance of achieving your target, use every social media platform you can. Compose an impactful letter to your donors and supporters. Let them know who you are raising money for, what you are raising money for and the amount you would like to raise. Ask them to help you reach your target and direct them to your Giving Wall at
Giving makes people feel good. Brighten everyone’s day by asking your supporters to help your cause. 

Step 5. Now that you have everything in place for your Giving Wall Fundraiser, you can sit back and feel good knowing that you are making a difference in this world. 

All I ask in return is a donation to my chosen charity once your fundraising efforts are complete;

I am a volunteer and a fundraiser for the Friary, a West Bridgford based charity working locally to end homelessness (registered charity number 1056825).
Your donation will help towards ending homelessness. Thank you.

    Upload additional documents to add to your Giving Wall (images, additional information etc) – please ensure one of these formats: jpg, png, gif, doc, docx or pdf. The maximum upload size is 2Mb (optional).